Walking Taco Casserole

 Turn up the Tex-Mex flavor with Walking Taco Casserole—a recipe that combines all the goodness of walking tacos in a satisfying casserole for a fiesta on your plate.

Tex-Mex Fiesta

 In a skillet, brown the ground beef or turkey. Drain any excess grease. Add taco seasoning mix and water, following the package instructions. Let it simmer until the mixture thickens.

Cook Meat

 In a baking dish, start by layering crushed tortilla chips. Then, add a layer of the cooked meat mixture.

Layer the Casserole

Sprinkle black beans and corn over the meat layer.

Add Beans and Corn

Pour salsa over the beans and corn. Top it all with a generous layer of shredded cheese.

 Layer Salsa and Cheese

 Bake your Walking Taco Casserole in a preheated oven until the cheese is melted and bubbly.

Bake to Melty Perfection

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