Taco Stuffed Peppers Are Weeknight Dinner 

Browning ground beef with taco seasoning adds big Tex-Mex flavor.

Savory Taco-Seasoned Beef

Cooked rice and shredded cheese help bind the yummy taco meat mixture.

Cheesy Rice Filling 

 Bright bell peppers baked until tender make the perfect vessels for the cheesy beef filling

Stuffed Bell Peppers

Swap beef for turkey or chicken. Add black beans, corn, avocado or hot sauce!

Easy Customization

 Kids will love assembling and stuffing their own tacos disguised as stuffed peppers

Kid-Friendly Meal

Assemble and bake these flavor-filled peppers all in one pan for a quick and easy dinner.

30-Minute Dinner

Cherry Chocolate Cookies Are the Perfect Cookie