Single-Serving Brownie in a Mug Satisfies

The brownie batter comes together with oil and chocolate for moist tender crumb and rich fudgy flavor.

Moist and Fudgy  

 These easy mug brownies are individual single-serving chocolate cakes cooked right in the microwave for fast homemade brownie deliciousness.

Cravings Fast   

 In just 1-2 minutes in the microwave, these chocolate mug cakes are ready to satisfy a chocolate craving.

 Cooks in Minutes

Brownie batter divides between 1 or 2 mugs for effortless portion control.

Perfect Portions 

Mix in chocolate chips, nuts or swirl in peanut butter for customizable mug brownies.

Fun Add-Ins

Kids will have fun mixing up their own mug brownie treats.

Kid-Friendly Activity  

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