Old Fashioned Hamburger Steaks

These easy pan-fried hamburger steaks are topped with a rich onion gravy made from the cooked meat drippings for all the classic comfort flavors.

Hamburger Steaks

Thick patties get seared for maximum flavor before being smothered in gravy

Seasoned Ground Beef Patties  

Onions cook down with the meat drippings into a sweet, savory gravy-like sauce.

 Sweet Caramelized Onions

Make it a complete meal by serving the hamburger steaks over creamy instant mashed potatoes.

 Instant Mashed Potatoes  

Assemble this saucy hamburger steak dinner easily on a weeknight using simple ingredients.

Easy 30-Minute Dinner

With their savory gravy, hamburger steaks are classic comforting fare.

Old-Fashioned Comfort  

Ground beef patties with pantry staple toppings make this an affordable dinner. 


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