Mini Oreo Cheesecake Cookies

Mini Oreo cookies pressed into a mini muffin tin create edible cookie cup crusts.

Oreo Cookie Crusts 

A simple filling of cream cheese, sugar and vanilla fills the cookie cups.

 Sweet Cream Cheese Filling

Finely crushed Oreos add chocolate sandwich cookie crunch and flavor.

Crushed Oreo Topping  

These mini cookie cups are the ideal single-bite dessert size.

 Perfectly Portioned

No oven required for these cute no-bake cheesecake cookie bites!

 No-Bake Treats

 Customize with different cookie flavors or mix-ins swirled into the filling.

Fun Twists

These Oreo cheesecake cookies put a fun spin on classic no-bake Oreo desserts.

Make Mini Cookie Cup Perfection

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