Meatball Stroganoff Is Comfort Food At Its Finest

Browning the meatballs adds delicious flavor and texture to the dish.

Savory Meatballs

A creamy sauce made with mushrooms, broth, sour cream, and spices coats each meatball.

Velvety Sauce 

 Wide egg noodles cook up with the meatballs and sauce, soaking up flavors.

Tender Egg Noodles 

 Cook the meatballs, sauce, and noodles all together in one pan for quick and easy cleanup.

Easy One-Pot Meal

With its creamy sauce, tender noodles and meatballs, this stroganoff delivers on all comfort food cravings. 

 Comfort Food Heaven

The mild creamy sauce and noodle-coated meatballs make this dish kid-approved.

 Kid-Friendly Family Meal

 This from-scratch meatball stroganoff is flavorful, hearty, and utterly comforting.

Enjoy Old-School Stroganoff Bliss

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