Instant Pot Glazed Carrots 

Begin by peeling and slicing your fresh carrots. These will be the star of your dish.

 Prep the Carrots

Place the sliced carrots in your Instant Pot and get ready for the magic to happen!

Instant Pot Magic

Sprinkle brown sugar, add a dollop of butter, drizzle honey, and a pinch of salt and ground cinnamon over the carrots.

 Add the Flavors

Secure the Instant Pot lid and set it to pressure cook. In no time, your carrots will become tender and flavorful.

 Pressure Cook

Release the pressure, and you'll find beautifully glazed carrots that are ready to serve.


Plate your Instant Pot Glazed Carrots and savor their sweet and savory goodness.

Serve and Enjoy

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