How to Control Anger Using Vastu Ziodic sign

A mirror in the entrance of your home can help to deflect negative energy. This can help to keep your anger levels in check.


A cluttered and disorganized home can contribute to feelings of anger and frustration. Make sure to keep your home clean and organized to create a more peaceful environment.


Sharp objects can be a trigger for anger. Avoid placing them in your home, especially in areas where you spend a lot of time.


 The colors you use in your home can have a big impact on your mood. Choose calming colors, such as blues and greens, to help create a more peaceful environment.


Candles can help to create a sense of calm and relaxation. Light candles in your home whenever you feel stressed or angry.

Light candles

Soothing music can help to calm your mind and body. Listen to calming music whenever you feel angry or stressed.


oga and meditation are great ways to reduce stress and anger. Make time for yoga or meditation each day to help you stay calm and centered.


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