Easy Beef Stroganoff

Discover the Timeless Comfort of Easy Beef Stroganoff with This Simple Recipe.

 Easy Beef Stroganoff

Start by Sautéing the Beef Sirloin Strips Until They Are Browned. Set Them Aside

Sauté the Beef

in the Same Pan, Cook the Onion and Mushrooms Until They Are Tender and Aromatic.

Cook the Onion and Mushrooms

Create a Roux by Melting Butter and Stirring in Flour Until It's Well Combined.

Make the Roux

 Gradually Add Beef Broth to the Roux, Stirring Constantly Until It Thickens.

Add Beef Broth

Return the Cooked Beef Sirloin Strips to the Pan with the Thickened Sauce.

Return the Beef

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