Croissant Bread Pudding

Stale croissants make an incredible base for bread pudding thanks to their flaky layers.

Day-Old Croissants  

Whisking eggs, milk, sugar, and vanilla creates a decadent egg cream that soaks into the bread.

 Rich Custard  

 Plump raisins add pops of sweetness throughout the creamy pudding.

 Dried Fruit   

 Assemble this bread pudding the night before, then bake just before serving for piping hot breakfast.

Easy Breakfast  

Impress guests with this bakery-worthy bread pudding flavored with croissants.

 Elegant Brunch Dish

Stale croissants and ends of loaves come together in delicious harmony.

Great for Leftovers

With its custard-soaked croissants, this bread pudding is decadent, delightful, and so easy to make.


Make an easy bread pudding by cubing day-old croissants and baking with a custard of eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla, and raisins for a delicious breakfast.

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