Chicken Bacon Ranch Biscuit Cups

Dive into the savory delight of our Chicken Bacon Ranch Biscuit Cups. Discover how to whip up these delightful treats for your family.

Biscuit Cups Recipe

Begin by cooking the chicken breast until it's fully done. Then, dice it into small pieces.

Prepare Chicken

In a mixing bowl, combine the diced chicken, crumbled bacon, ranch dressing, and shredded cheddar cheese. Stir until well mixed.

Mix Ingredients

Preheat your oven as per the biscuit dough instructions. Grease a muffin tin. Separate the biscuit dough into 8 biscuits and press them into the muffin tin cups.

Prepare Biscuits

Spoon the chicken and bacon mixture into each biscuit cup, filling them to the top.

Fill with Mixture

 Follow the biscuit dough's baking instructions but add a few extra minutes to ensure the cups are golden and cooked through.


Once baked, garnish your Chicken Bacon Ranch Biscuit Cups with fresh chives if desired. Then serve and enjoy!

Garnish and Serve

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