Cherry Chocolate Cookies Are the Perfect Cookie

 Brown sugar and melted butter ensure a soft, thick cookie dough that bakes up wonderfully chewy.

Chewy Cookie Dough  

Tiny chocolate chips add pockets of chocolate in every bite without making the cookies seem overloaded.

Mini Chocolate Chips  

Dried cherries add just the right amount of fruit flavor and chewy texture. 

Dried Tart Cherries 

The sweet-tart cherries complement the chocolate chips flawlessly in these cookies.

Chocolate and Cherry Perfection  

Swap in different mix-ins like nuts, toffee bits, peanut butter chips, etc.  

Easy to Customize

Kids will love these fruity, chocolatey cookie jar treats! 

Kid-Friendly Treat

These soft and chewy cherry chocolate chip cookies will fast become a new favorite.

 Enjoy Chocolate Cherry Cookie Bliss

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