Cannoli Dip Is an Easy Italian-Inspired Appetizer 

This cannoli cream dip features sweetened ricotta cheese mixed with chocolate chips and topped with mini chocolate chips for fun cannoli flavor.

Cannoli Dip

Ricotta cheese is gently whipped with powdered sugar into an airy, sweet cream

 Sweetened Ricotta 

Mini chocolate chips swirled throughout mimic traditional cannoli filling.

 Chocolate Chip Filling 

 More mini chocolate chips sprinkled on top look pretty and add chocolate in each bite.

Topped with Mini Chips

 Use for dipping fresh strawberries, pineapple slices, orange segments, or apple wedges.

 Perfect for Fruit Dipping

This sweet ricotta dip also pairs wonderfully with plain sugar cookies or biscotti

Or with Cookies

This easy dip lets you experience creamy, chocolatey cannoli taste without frying.

Enjoy Cannoli Flavor Without the Work

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