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Jake Bongiovi Takes on Makeup Duties for Millie Bobby Brown

Jake Bongiovi, Millie Bobby Brown’s fiancé, recently showcased his makeup talents in a heartwarming video.

An Exciting First

In a YouTube clip posted on Thursday, September 7, the 21-year-old New Jersey native expressed his enthusiasm for this new venture, saying, “Today, I have been asked to do Millie’s makeup, which I’m very excited to do. This is a first for me — putting her makeup on. We’re gonna see what happens.”

Love and Beauty

The video captures the 19-year-old Stranger Things actress looking naturally radiant as Jake navigates through her makeup arsenal. As he applies an eyebrow pencil, they engage in a candid conversation about their love life.

Online Beginnings

When discussing how they first crossed paths, Jake revealed, “We met — as I strangely think some people know — via social [media]. We met via Instagram.”

Jake Bongiovi Takes on Makeup Duties

He fondly recalled their initial meeting at an airport, highlighting the unique experience of connecting with someone online before meeting them in person.

Laughter and Love

Throughout the makeup session, the couple shared laughter and playful moments. Jake’s makeup artistry took a humorous turn as he applied a bit too much bronzer and eyeliner, resulting in some lighthearted mishaps.

From Love to Engagement

Millie and Jake’s love story quickly captured the hearts of fans when they started dating in 2021. Less than two years later, they celebrated their engagement, a testament to their enduring love.