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Gluten-Free Teriyaki Chicken with Broccoli: A Flavorful Delight for All

Step into the world of mouthwatering flavors and nourishing choices with the Gluten-Free Teriyaki Chicken with Broccoli—a dish that takes the classic teriyaki concept and gives it a wholesome twist.

Imagine tender chunks of chicken coated in a gluten-free teriyaki sauce, paired with vibrant broccoli for a well-rounded meal. In this article, we’ll guide you through the art of crafting this delectable recipe that caters to both flavor enthusiasts and those with dietary preferences.

A Nutrient-Rich Update

Culinary innovation lies in finding ways to accommodate diverse preferences, and the Gluten-Free Teriyaki Chicken with Broccoli is a prime example. This recipe not only satisfies your taste buds with its savory teriyaki goodness but also caters to those who seek gluten-free options, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a delicious and wholesome meal.


Before we delve into the preparation, let’s introduce you to the lineup of ingredients that make the Gluten-Free Teriyaki Chicken with Broccoli a nourishing and flavorful masterpiece:

  • Boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into bite-sized pieces, for protein power
  • Broccoli florets, for vibrant color and a dose of nutrients
  • Gluten-free tamari sauce, for that signature teriyaki flavor without gluten
  • Honey, for natural sweetness and a touch of glaze
  • Rice vinegar, for a tangy kick and balance
  • Sesame oil, for aromatic depth and a hint of nuttiness
  • Fresh garlic, minced, for savory aroma
  • Fresh ginger, grated, for a zesty and aromatic punch
  • Cornstarch, for thickening the sauce
  • Sesame seeds and sliced green onions, for garnish and visual appeal


  1. Marinade Magic: Begin by combining the gluten-free tamari sauce, honey, rice vinegar, sesame oil, minced garlic, and grated ginger in a bowl. This forms the irresistible marinade that infuses the chicken with teriyaki goodness.
  2. Chicken Marinade: Place the chicken pieces in a bowl and pour the marinade over them. Allow the chicken to marinate for at least 30 minutes, allowing the flavors to meld and permeate.
  3. Sizzling Saute: Heat a skillet over medium-high heat and add a drizzle of oil. Once hot, add the marinated chicken pieces and sauté until they’re cooked through and develop a golden-brown glaze.
  4. Sauce Enrichment: In a separate bowl, whisk together the cornstarch with a bit of water to create a slurry. Add this slurry to the skillet with the chicken, stirring well to thicken the sauce.
  5. Broccoli Brilliance: Steam or blanch the broccoli florets until they’re tender yet vibrant green. Add them to the skillet with the teriyaki chicken, allowing the flavors to mingle.
  6. Final Flourish: Garnish the dish with a sprinkle of sesame seeds and sliced green onions, adding a touch of crunch and visual appeal.
  7. Serve & Savor: The Gluten-Free Teriyaki Chicken with Broccoli is now ready to be enjoyed. Whether paired with rice, quinoa, or enjoyed on its own, this dish is a celebration of nourishing and satisfying flavors.


  1. Wholesome Teriyaki: This recipe offers a gluten-free twist on the beloved teriyaki concept, making it accessible to those with dietary preferences.
  2. Balanced Nutrition: The combination of lean chicken and nutrient-rich broccoli creates a well-rounded and nourishing meal.
  3. Flavorful Marinade: The marinade infuses the chicken with a harmonious blend of teriyaki, ginger, and garlic flavors.
  4. Glazed Goodness: The sauce, thickened with cornstarch, envelops the chicken and broccoli in a glossy and savory glaze.
  5. Visual Feast: The colorful combination of golden chicken, vibrant broccoli, and garnishes makes for a visually appealing presentation.
  6. Customizable Dish: Feel free to add additional vegetables like bell peppers, carrots, or snap peas for more texture and color.


The Gluten-Free Teriyaki Chicken with Broccoli is a testament to the art of culinary inclusivity without compromising on taste. It’s a reminder that delicious meals can be created to suit various dietary preferences.

As you savor each bite of gluten-free teriyaki-glazed chicken paired with tender broccoli, you’ll experience a symphony of flavors that nourishes both the body and the soul.

Whether you’re seeking a wholesome meal that caters to dietary needs or simply eager to indulge in the joys of teriyaki, let this recipe be your guide to a dish that’s satisfying, flavorful, and inclusive.


Can I use other protein sources instead of chicken?

Absolutely! You can use tofu, shrimp, or even tempeh as an alternative protein source.

Can I substitute tamari sauce with soy sauce?

Definitely! While tamari sauce is gluten-free, you can use soy sauce if gluten is not a concern.

Can I use frozen broccoli instead of fresh?

Of course! Just make sure to thaw and drain the frozen broccoli before using.

Can I make the dish less sweet by reducing the amount of honey?

Certainly! Adjust the amount of honey to your taste preference for sweetness.

Can I add red pepper flakes for a touch of heat?

Absolutely! Adding red pepper flakes can add a pleasant kick to the dish.